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Gena Timberman and Chris, both previously being editors on the American Indian Law Review at the Oklahoma University College of Law – are now both collaborating Associates in the Luksi Group, LLC – a consulting company surrounding Indian Law issues and tribal investment strategies. Gena and Chris both interned together at the Bureau of Indian Affairs at the Department of Justice in Washington D.C. back in 1999 (during the Clinton Impeachment hearings) and, interestingly, had the joint privilege and honor of filing the seminal, landmark “Cobell” Indian Law case as interns! They both now continue to work together and speak on Indian Law issues and tribal investment strategies and related matters.

Since the Supreme Court’s recent landmark McGirt Indian Law decision, Chris also works privately with young tribal entrepreneurs who wish to both: 1) partner with outside investment groups, while also 2) building a progressive coalition network with other young, like-minded Native American entrepreneurs. Chris’ 3 children are also proud, Choctaw blood quantum tribal members.

The Great Debate PanelHeld 2021 at Rose State College, on Supreme Court’s landmark Indian Law McGirt decision.

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