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As a commercial business attorney who has been actively practicing for over twenty years in both Texas and Oklahoma (in addition to the many deals I’ve done in other states), this book was written over the course of my career in an attempt to simplify the law for everyone. I’ve written many newspaper articles, spoken in many settings and taught courses on this material as an adjunct professor at the University of Central Oklahoma and Rose State College. I am also a commercial real estate broker. This material is what I do…

This book is intended to help people quickly understand and more confidently work with matters that involve the inter-related business, estate planning, lending, and real estate law worlds – hopefully lessening the time they’d otherwise spend researching or learning about the law or paying (and waiting upon) a lawyer to explain it to them.

While perhaps not everything we discuss is ultimately the law in your state, it’s still a great insight into the law generally, how it works, and will definitely teach you about how to think about the law in many different areas… Thereby helping you leverage your time more effectively when you stumble into situations that involve this material. This book will benefit a large audience including:

  • Landmen, those in the oil & gas industry & those who have leased acreage
  • Store owners & merchants (whether brick & mortar or virtual stores)
  • Large & small business owners (and those with employees)
  • Those in the Cannabis industry (or thinking about getting into it)
  • Insurance people and producers
  • Risk Managers (including paralegals, office managers and their staff)
  • Homeowners & parents (of kids under 18)
  • Those forming wills, trusts & doing estate planning
  • Those dealing in the Uniform Commercial Code
  • Brokers, realtors, real estate developers & investors
  • Those dealing in intellectual property & trade secrets
  • Homebuilders
  • Landlords & tenants
  • Property managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Teachers & students
  • Consumers
  • Insurance policy holders
  • Commercial artists
  • Bankers & finance people

Again, as with any book on the law, you’ll want to confirm everything you read and learn here with qualified counsel in your own, specific state and circumstances. However, this is a very unique work and will, as perhaps a first of its kind, become very helpful in your daily, personal and professional lives… At the very least, it will help you work with your lawyer (and his or her time) much more cost-effectively. PURCHASE BOOK>>>



While its content and subject matter are as diverse as my first book, P.S. We Can… it’s my hope you read this second book in light of things that can inspire, edify, ignite, and propel forward the most important person in your life today – you.

I write about different things, ideas, and events (from classical history to the more recognizably, recent). I then sprinkle these with parables from history (even some from the Bible), as well as principles and laws from physics, mathematics, kinesiology, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, astronomy, the speed of light, music, and military history, along with many other disciplines and different things. From them, I make certain truths, tenets, concepts, and constants about life (even our faith) come more to life. PURCHASE BOOK>>>


In the past few years, I’ve been writing about different things, ideas and events (from classical history to the more recognizably, recent) which I then sprinkle with parables from history (even sparingly from the Bible), as well as principles and laws from physics, mathematics, astronomy, various other sciences; even art, music, history, and many other disciplines – all to make certain truths, tenets, concepts and constants about life (even our faith – regardless of whether you are Muslim, Catholic, Jewish, Hindu, Christian, or any other faith) come more to life, in a positive light, a light that perhaps we can share with others. We reach into centuries past, or just a few decades back, to examine famous peoples’ lives, from Napoleon to the Beatles to George Michael. The conversation we have ranges from discussing the laws of physical science and the speed of light to interesting discussions on Abraham Lincoln and the Lewis and Clark Expedition, from Van Halen’s electric song “Jump,” and the music group Milli Vanilli, to JFK, from the rise of bungee jumping off tall bridges to the incredibly staggering, lethal rate of addiction that occurred when cocaine hit the streets of Miami in the late 1970’s. Even figures from military history and Johnny Carson. Then, we find real life takeaways from it all. It’s such a broad, diverse content field we examine – it’s really hard to describe it. You’ll just have to take a look.Ultimately, taken as a whole, I hope this little book gives you a new peace, freedom, joy and (ultimately) strength in an ever crazier world (as I walk you through and personally share in my final thought, at the very end). PURCHASE BOOK>>>

Faith Through Poetry

This book is written for anyone walking in this game of life.

Through childhood, parenthood, romances, divorces, faith walks, and other large life capstones – we all love, hurt, grieve, heal, grow, want and learn. These poems well capture my own life experiences, while hopefully giving some voice to your life experiences and help you better reflect upon your life, purpose, and journey. Life is beautiful and God given. Have faith. God bless you.

From the Author: I’m a father, commercial business attorney and real estate broker (working in both Texas and Oklahoma, for the past 20 years), author (both children’s books as well as grown-up books), investor, speaker, professor, guest columnist, social activist, volunteer, mentor, and the writer of a monthly e-newsletter which has organically grown from 30 to 30,000 subscribers. PURCHASE BOOK>>>

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